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Guided Trips in Colorado

Want to go to the places you see on the My Budget Build Instagram page? Have a trip to Colorado planned but don't know where to go? Or you have some ideas but don't want to go alone and get stuck? Get in touch. I'm now starting to lead trips across Colorado. Broadly speaking, they fall into 3 categories:

Easy and Scenic

Goal of this trip is to see some beautiful scenery. It'll be doable by any stock JK and will focus on sweeping vistas and cozy, aspen covered trails.

Offroad Adventure

If you want to tackle rock walls, climb boulders and drive through rivers, this would be the one for you. We'll cater to driver experience level and rig capability.

Rip Some Lips

Offroading for the purpose of reaching some remote mountain lakes and streams. Bring your rod, tackle, and camera. High mountain trout cooked over an open fire comes standard.

Not sure?

If you're not sure, go browse the IG page, pick some photos that ellicit an "I want to do that" reaction, and send them over. We'll put something together for you.


We can provide whatever level you'd like, from just leading the way to providing tent, sleeping bags, and all meals. We can organize a trip around staying in town each night as well. We realize different people have different expectations of their trip and we want to make sure it meets your expectations. Want a video of your trip to prove to all your friends you use your Jeep for more than getting groceries? We can make that happen too.


Pricing will range based on number of days and level of service requested. A day trip starts around $350/rig while a multi-day trip with all amenities for a group can go upwards of $10,000. Get in touch, describe what you're going for, and we'll put together a custom package to meet your needs and budget.


We love Colorado because it has some beautiful scenery and some remote places. We'd like to keep it that way. Our goal is not to start packing thousands of people up the mountain each summer and destroying the trails. We are stewards of the backcountry and we have lesser-known spots we don't like to publicize. Thus, we limit the number of outings we do each year, don't want you recording the GPS coordinates of where we take you, and require everyone to live by the pack-it-in-pack-it-out principle. Failure to comply with these policies will lead to an awkward situation, a trip straight back down the mountain, and no refund.

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